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ZMI 4.0


You must be seeing double

Small wonder – our completely reworked Z.LYNX 3 will
almost double your output. Up to 7.5 brushes/min, depending
on the brush model.







Made in India

Join us on a trip to Coimbatore! From September, we’ll be offering new solutions in brush production for price-sensitive markets.


Extreeeeemely restless

High tufting speed of up to 1,200 bundles/min. Beastly output of 770 brushes/hour. 
And extreeemely short standstills in-between of just 1.7 seconds. Up and running
again before you can bat an eyelid.


Keep moving, please!

The new protective enclosure immediately catches the eye: we’ve mounted the swivel arm with monitor at the top. Add to this our new “I make way for your feet” base construction and you’ll have room to spare – perfect for production environments with limited space.

Village inn dasrößle
The summit of brush production



Beauty in flexibility

The brush specialist Z.SWAN is a powerful
all-in-one solution for the production of fully
finished cosmetic and polishing brushes.


Hands-off approach!

With the new H107 feed handling system, you get fully automatic
product feeding without any manual interventions.
Toothbrush insertion processes previously carried out by hand
are replaced by continuous, full automation.

Automated complete solutions


With our automated complete solutions, you’ll get everything
from a single source – from the granulate up to the fully packaged
and palletized toothbrushes. We call this our “one-stop solution”.
Our customers usually just say “Ooooo!”.


A clean look

The camera system integrated into the robotic arm of our new H142 handle feeding unit clears up any mess of brushes in a fully automatic manner, whether you’re producing toothbrushes or house brooms.
The world premiere
Convenience squared – CUBE

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Nice to eat you

The Z.SHARK 8 is insatiable when it comes to the features.
Now with compact H134 handle feeding.
Spits out up to 30 handles/minute.

I’m the king of the world
Catch a machine and get your 10% discount


ZMI 4.0


Quality you can hear from the deep blue sea

Open your ears and dive in: turn up the volume of your headphones and enjoy
the sound of our Z.SAILFIN “in peace and (relative) quiet” 😉


Keep it clean!

ZAHORANSKY now presents the logical
further development for the hygienic production
of wooden toothbrushes.

Z.ORCA 113i


The new Z.ORCA 113i is a monster when it comes
to the production of toothbrushes. After teaming up
with the H133 handle feeding unit, it runs even faster,
managing 30 handles/min.

Dive for innovations



Turns your brush production upside-down

The production of anchorless filaments plates with 100%
chemically tapered filaments poses a major challenge.
Our Z.VAMP technology makes it possible to produce first-grade head plates
without any reworking.

We hope you enjoyed our Expedition Z. We are there to answer any questions you might have about our newcomers. We look forward to your message.


A company with 900 faces

ZAHORANSKY AG is a family business with many faces. 900 to be exact. The ZAHO consists of 20 different employees – each of them provides the ZAHO with a part of his face.


Greater power for twisted-in-wire brushes

The fully automatic, high-performance Z.LYNX 3 now boasts an output increase of up to 85 percent in the production of twisted-in-wire brushes.

Further benefits

  • The Z.LYNX is the only solution on the market to process twist-in filaments with a diameter of up to 4.0 mm
  • Fully automatic, no more manual operations required
  • Greatest flexibility for various brush patterns and the quickest possible changeovers
  • With the new ZMI 4.0 controls, the new and improved Z.LYNX 3 can be operated without requiring extensive training. The ZMI 4.0 additionally ensures even greater precision in controlling the mechanical components

ZMI 4.0

The smart assistant

We’ve given our tried-and-tested ZAHORANSKY Machine Intelligence (ZMI) a wide range of new features with Version 4.0, increasing the comfort in operation and production quantities.

Further benefits

  • Intuitive touch controls with new icons and wizards – minimizes training requirement and enables faster machine programming
  • “Help me” wizards to find solutions quickly
  • Integrated Service Mode with ID numbers for easier international support
  • Visualization of output figures and tracking of figures over certain timeframes
  • Currently available for the CUBE, Z.SAILFIN, and Z.LYNX 3


The gold standard in strip brush production*

Various versions of the Z.HORNET can be configured, from a manually operated version up to a fully automatic machine with automatic handle feeding. Endless, single or multi-row strip brushes, or strip sections can be produced.

Further benefits

  • High output (Z.HORNET 2): Drills and tufts with speeds up to 800 bundles/minute
  • Quick retooling to other hole fields in just 10 to 15 minutes, for example for single or multi-row strip brushes
  • Can also process very short filaments, reducing cutting waste to a minimum to achieve savings of up to 20 percent
*For a better view safety housing removed from ME.


The fully automated powerhouse

Fully-automated 4-station twin carousel, 5-axis version for drilling and tufting.

Further benefits

  • Changeover in a few minutes through recipe-controlled changeover, thus no mechanical changeover work
  • High tufting speed of up to 1,200 tufts / minute
  • 770 brushes / hour
  • Extremely short downtime – under 1.7 seconds
  • Household brushes and street-sweeping brooms up to a length of 600 mm in one operation
  • Operator-friendly ergonomics for loading brush blocks and filaments
  • New changeover-free feeding unit, changeover by recipe


Amazingly compact and easy to operate

During our latest makeover, we have made further optimizations to our established specialist in the production of household and hygiene brushes.

Further benefits

  • Quick delivery times, great flexibility, short standstills
  • New LED strip with traffic light feature for better visualization of the current operating state
  • The entire process is automated with a new handover handling to a trimming machine with collaborative robot for final processing of the broom
  • Components are compatible with other household machines, such as a tufting tool, rapid-changeover plates, and sample parts


Customer lodgings & rustic village inn dasrößle

Enjoy unspoilt nature and true relaxation, nestled at the heart of the Belchen-Feldberg region. We’ve completely renovated our quaint inn that dates back to the 18th century.

All the original wall and ceiling paneling, as well as the wooden floorboards, have been preserved. The venerable tables and chairs, most of them over a century old, characterize the rustic ambiance. The result is so striking that our lodge has already been used as a set for various film productions: the TV series “Die Fallers” as well as the cinema production “Closed Season” from 2012. Our customers feel just at home here as movie producers.

The summit of brush production

At home in the world, rooted in the Black Forest

The Black Forest is renowned across the globe for the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm, the Bollenhut, traditional clothing such as dirndls, cuckoo clocks… and of course for the pioneers in brush production. 

All those who visit fall in love with its green pines, delightful mountain panoramas, and lush-green meadows. But, above all, they love the German engineering artists at ZAHORANSKY.


The home of revolution

Over a century ago, we revolutionized German brush production from our Black Forest home. Today, we are an internationally active full-service provider. That’s why people from all corners of the globe meet in the Black Forest, a veritable Mecca for innovative solutions in mold construction, automation, medical technology, and the international brush sector. Pay us a visit!


The flexible and tireless niche specialist

Our Z.SWAN is the powerful, all-in-one solution for the production of completely finished cosmetics and polishing brushes.

Further benefits

  • Handle feeding through a universal conveyor for various brush types
  • Quick (low standstill time) and flexible (for sample changes)
  • Tuft-in-tuft of several filaments into the same hole
  • Integrated melting unit for monofilaments
  • 5 axes allow for longitudinal parallel hairbrush positioning


Handling made easy

With the latest handle feeding H107, toothbrush feeding processes that have, to this date, been carried out manually can be replaced with a continuous, fully automatic solution.

Further benefits

  • Up to 120 brushes/minute
  • Toolless changeovers in just a few minutes
  • Minimum machine standstill thanks to short changeover times
  • Fully automatic handle feeding without manual interventions
  • Retrofittable into existing systems for toothbrush production/packaging


Automated all-in-one solutions from ZAHORANSKY

When it comes to our toothbrush-producing machines and systems, we go above and beyond the industry standard: In the form of automated large-scale systems, we will supply you with everything you need, from granules to pre-packaged and palletized toothbrushes – all fully automated and from a single source, and, as always, tailored perfectly to suit your needs. We call this concept the “one-stop solution”.

Further benefits

  • Everything from a single source (one-stop solution) and turnkey implementation
  • SPoC (single point of contact) with certified project managers (IPMA)
  • End-to-end automation & modular design
  • … and many other advantages


Keeps things in order automatically

The new H142 handle feeding machine comes with a camera system integrated into the robotic arm, to fully automatically clear up any mess of brushes.

Further benefits

  • The feeding unit is configured for another model in just few minutes, thanks to the camera system
  • To separate TPE multi-component brushes with a complex geometry up to a handle length of 400 mm
  • With the universal H142, toothbrush handles with lengths of 70–210 mm can be separated alternatingly without requiring any mechanical configuration.
  • The proprietary controls enable quick changeovers with easy loading of new recipes
  • Suitable for toothbrushes, brushes & brooms and other items to be fed


The world premiere

To reinvent oneself, one must vigorously part ways with old ways of thinking and venture onto new paths without looking back. ZAHORANSKY set out to do exactly that when designing the CUBE, and now revolutionizes the production of toothbrushes!

The three-part, modular design of this global innovation – consisting of a Base Unit, Supply Unit, and Cover Unit – sets new standards in the production of anchor-tufted toothbrushes, together with the ZMI 4.0 machine controls. Various Base Units can be integrated into a single CUBE to produce greater quantities or adapt to changes in market requirements placed on toothbrushes. The sequence of the tufting and finishing units can be adjusted flexibly.


Convenience squared – CUBE

The CUBE convinces with a range of benefits. Watch the video to discover the various production modes.

Further benefits

  • Modular basic construction for the utmost flexibility and efficiency with the smallest possible footprint
  • Scalable production quantities without any compromises. You can simply add more CUBES or divide it into individual systems
  • Higher tufting speed of up to 1,200 bundles/min.
  • Production of various toothbrush models with different designs possible on a single machine
  • Very late diversification to specific toothbrush patterns, leaving more time for toothbrush production
  • Production of toothbrushes with tapered filaments up to 1,200 bundles/min.
  • Maximum output of 240 brushes/min. in CTF quality (tapered filament) and low rework/reject rates
  • All hole field geometries and topographies possible thanks to trimming directly after tufting
  • Up to 15 rounding stations with each CUBE module – so that you can rest assured of stellar rounding quality
  • Maintenance without downtime: when servicing one CUBE tufting module, the others keep running and earning money

Z.Shark 8

Now with compact H134 handle feeding

The Z.SHARK 8 is insatiable when it comes to the features. Now with compact H134 handle feeding. Spits out up to 30 handles/minute.

Further benefits

  • Fully integrated into the controls and protective enclosure
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Date code or letter imprinting optional
  • High performance of 30 handles/minute


Catch a machine and get your 10% discount

Catch a machine now and get your 10% discount. Simply make a screenshot with a fishhook and your favorite machine and send it to:

Weitere Vorteile

  • Hoher Output (Z.HORNET 2): Bohrt und stopft mit einer Geschwindigkeit von bis zu 800 Bündeln/Min.
  • Lässt sich in nur 10 bis 15 Minuten auf andere Lochfelder umrüsten, etwa für ein- und mehrreihige Streifenbürsten
  • Verarbeitet minimale Filamentlängen, dadurch reduzieren sich die Schnittabfälle und damit Kosten um bis zu 20 Prozent


Now boasts even greater output

Thanks to the new ZMI 4.0 machine controls, the Z.SAILFIN boasts up to 12 percent higher output – instead of 85 brushes, the machine can now produce up to 95 brushes per minute!

Further benefits

  • Fitted with the latest ZAHORANSKY ZMI 4.0 machine controls
  • Now with a 12% higher output of up to 95 instead of 85 brushes/minute
  • Small footprint, flexible production with maximum performance
  • 50% quicker changeovers and 80% fewer wear parts than the competition
  • Can be expanded into a full Z.IDP line

ZMI 4.0

The smart assistant

We’ve given our tried-and-tested ZAHORANSKY Machine Intelligence (ZMI) a wide range of new features with Version 4.0, increasing the comfort in operation and production quantities.

Further benefits

  • Intuitive touch controls with new icons and wizards – minimizes training requirement and enables faster machine programming
  • “Help me” wizards to find solutions quickly
  • Integrated Service Mode with ID numbers for easier international support
  • Visualization of output figures and tracking of figures over certain timeframes
  • Currently available for the CUBE, Z.SAILFIN, and Z.LYNX 3


Hygienically produce wooden toothbrushes

The Z.RAY is the logical expansion of ZAHORANSKY for the hygienic production of wooden toothbrushes.

Further benefits

  • Compatible with machines such as the Z.SHARK and Z.ORCA: Freed-up capacities optimize the entire production process
  • The holes are perfectly adjusted to the tufting process
  • Manual or automatic feeding H56 can be offered
  • Hole size: diameter 1.0 – 3.0 mm, depth 2.5–3.8 mm
  • Output up to 35 handles/minute

Z.ORCA 113i

The universal talent in toothbrush production

A compact machine with a small footprint, that automatically produce toothbrushes, runs extremely smoothly, and is low-wear. The machine is suitable for all types of toothbrushes, also with multi-component handles, and – depending on the required degree of automation – is fitted with a manual magazine or automatic handle feeding.

Further benefits

  • Now with new handle feeding and greater performance of 30 handles/min.
  • Quick and easy retooling – highly efficient and flexible
  • Up to 90% machine availability


Explore a treasure cove of innovations

We regularly dive into the caves of product innovation hidden deep beneath the surface, and have brought quite a bit to land over the years. This includes our current, trailblazing innovation: automation lines for the production of COVID-19 vaccine containers.


Injection molding at less than one square meter

The Babyplast micro injection molding machine complements the Z.VAMP perfectly: The compact unit can be placed directly next to the Z.VAMP to bring together what belongs together: the production of head plates and toothbrushes.

Further benefits

  • Small and compact construction for the smallest footprint – injection molding at less than one square meter
  • Output optimally adjusted to the Z.VAMP 1 performance specifications
  • Reduction of storage and potentially transport costs, with just-in-time, on-site production of head plates


Turns your brush production upside down

Manufacturing 3D-tufted filament plates with 100 % chemically tapered filament is a major challenge. ZAHORANSKY Z.VAMP technology allows us to manufacture head plates in prime quality with almost no rework required.

Further benefits

  • Full tapered filament plates with almost no rework
  • Material saving, no additional filament trimming needed
  • Higher filling rate resulting in a more compact tuft position
  • Filament box six-up (Six different types and colors possible)
  • Up to 72 tufts per brush